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Please note these are reviews for models we've worked with and reflect our professional but subjective opinions only.
We are aware that some models who've worked poorly with us have mislead other producers by using us as a positive reference.

The below list is intended to correct any misinformation.

1.  Masuimi Max - US based model. Shot by content provider. No complaints. 8/10

2.  Danica/Donna Collins - London based busty mature model we've worked with several times. Extremely professional arrives with makeup and positive energy. 10/10

3.  Lexi Martinez - UK and US based black model. Very photogenic. 7/10

4.  French Chloe - French model based in UK. Good energy and charisma. 7/10

5.  Chantel XX - Essex based model. Good energy but arrived looking slightly overweight. 6/10

6.  Kaz B - UK based model. Great energy but arrived late with greasy hair, spots, no makeup or concealer and several pounds heavier than her photographs. 4/10

7.  Amber Leigh - UK based model. Good energy, shot several times. 8/10

8.  Sandie Caine - UK based mature model. Great energy and pleasure to work with. 8/10

9.  Loz Lorrimar - Welsh model. Great energy and charisma. Very professional. 9/10

10. Michelle Monroe - Northern UK model. Really nice model. Good energy. 8/10

11. Alexis May - Scottish model. Shot with several times over a few years but last shoot she looked very weary and low energy. 5/10

12. Kayla - Extremely photogenic but struggled with long distance travel. 5/10

13. Honey B - UK based model. Good energy. Easy to book. 8/10

14. Kumi - US based fetish model tours Europe and UK regularly. Good energy and very professional. Extremely photogenic (now retired) 9/10

15. Monica Haze - Tall ginger UK model. Very poor energy. Flown into Belgium and out up in hotel, she walked off a shoot halfway thru! Still claims to be fetish BDSM model but has no understanding about what's involved or any pain threshold. Dreamer. 0/10

16. Ancilla Tilia - Amsterdam based model. Heavy legs and unattractive diva attitude. 3/10

17. Claudia - London based black model. Big, BIG nipples. Very professional and good energy. 8/10

18. Lala X - UK based black model. Nice attitude and good energy. 8/10

19. Jewell Marceau - US based mature fetish model. Extremely good attitude. Visits Europe regularly. 10/10

20. Teoni - UK bukkake and gangbang model. Poor and negative energy. Took a £500 'kill fee' for a badly attended Bukkakeslave shoot then cancelled our £200 Petgirls shoot next day. Ape. 2/10

21. Petra Morgan - shot by content provider. No complaints. 7/10

22. Starr - No show. 0/10

22. Joa - UK based black model. Good energy, very photogenic. Now sadly retired. 8/10

23. Nikki H - UK, North based model. Turned up with unannounced chaperone. Paid her £50 to go away. 0/10

24. Audrey Steele - Italian fetish model based in Amsterdam. Great energy. 7/10

25. Mai Bailey - Persian UK based model with unique look. Good energy. 7/10

26. Sareh - Japan based Australian model. Really great energy and attitude. 8/10

27. Miso - Canadian Chinese fetish model based in Vancouver. Good energy. 7/10

28. Nina Hartley - US based mature model. Extremely good energy and attitude. 8/10

29.  Kelly - UK based Chinese model. Poor English speaking but good attitude. Shows up on time. 8/10

30.  Rosita - Bulgarian fetish and burlesque model based in Amsterdam. Great attitude and energy. 8/10

31.  Sweetie - Escort turned model for a day. Useless. 1/10

32.  Sophia Smith - Not shot. Aggressive and rude in email. Princess. 0/10

33.  Alex Cat / Jordan Pryce - Aggressive and abusive in email. Increasingly bad references from other producers too. Further shoots cancelled. 0/10

34.  Masie Dee - Had problems with email communication. Good energy. 7/10

35.  Tanya Cox - Great energy. Easy to work with. Great performer. 8/10

36.  Lacey Little - No show. Texted excuse couple hours before shoot. Dope. 0/10

37.  Rachel Travers - Busty UK model. Very photogenic. Great energy. 9/10

38.  Sam Shaw - UK MILF. Very professional. Good energy. 7/10

39.  India - Good energy. Photogenic. Big fake boobs. Difficult communication. 7/10

40.  Louisa Lockheart - Wanted to bring chaperone. Duh. We cancelled shoot. 0/10

41.  Dani X - Very photogenic, positive energy, big boobs - great example of a plus size model. 8/10

42.  Dolly - Mediocre energy, with screen presence of a stale pie. Turned up to shoot heavier and with really bad skin. 5/10

43.  Jasmine Webb - Feisty model. Wanted champagne on set!? But very photogenic. 8/10

44.  Valentina - Good sexy voice. Great bones. Good body. Penelope Cruz at discount rate! 8/10

45.  EmilyX - Fetish model. Heavily scarred but with very compelling face. Crazy but photogenic. 8/10

46.  Ichigo - Fetish model. 34JJ boobs. Tall, Great energy and face. Can also do makeup. 8/10

47.  Jada - Essex model. Good body and photogenic face. Some scars. 7/10 (see below)

48.  Jessica Wood - Fetish model. Nice boobs. Good body. 7/10

49.  Lacey - Australian model. Supermodel body. Good relaxed energy. Legs to worship! 8/10

50.  Sasha Rose - A model you just want to stroke. Great body. Tattoos but nice ones. Reliable. 8/10

51.  Charmaine Sinclair - Pedigree model. Positive attitude. Professional. Stunning. Purrfect. 9/10

52.  Jada 2 - Boobs enlarged. Didn't see them. She cancelled 50 mins before shoot. Car wreck excuse. Unoriginal. 0/10

53.  Kerry Marie - BBW model. Positive attitude. Very professional. Easy shoot. Amazing boobs. 9/10

54.  Vicky Powell - Busty Nottingham model. Big tongue. Nice girl. Great boobs. 9/10 Third shoot turned up with a lot of BF drama. 0/10

55.  Anna Joy - Big broad assed Northern model. Great energy and professionalism. 8/10

56.  Tiffany Doll - Extremely sexy French model. Petite all rounder. Nice girl. 8/10

57.  Lau Claxton - Skinny MetArt style model. Nice girl. Easy. 7/10

58.  Rachel Travers 3 - Busty UK model. Very photogenic and easy to work with but..one hour late for shoot x 2! 6/10

59.  Satine Spark - Firm body, teen look with photogenic pale skin. Very nice. 8/10

60.  Becky Brook - Extremely photogenic and professional at 18 years old. Cute. 9/10

61.  Michelle Monaghan - Legendary big boobs without a diva attitude. Very pleasant. 8/10

62.  Blue Sapphire - Very sexy, very photogenic. Great eyes, natural big boobs. Easy. 8/10

63.  Becky Jane - Canceled on the day of the shoot! 0/10

64.  Scarlet March - Slim, firm but curvy body. Easy and nice to work with. 7/10

65.  Michelle Hush - Tall and pretty, tackled a very tough shoot easily. 7/10

66.  Ayla Sky - Tiny asian girl. Cute, pleasant easy to direct. 7/10

67.  Miki - Japanese model moving to Holland. Some English language. Great energy. 8/10

68.  Tamara Grace - Great looking model. Posh accent. Does the job. 8/10

69.  Ely Pink - Looks like a pornstar, acts like a pornstar. Great body and nice personality. 8/10

70.  Amy Latina - Tiny, neat asian with good energy and curvy body. 8/10

71.  Scarlet Lovatt - Huge fake boobs and curvy figure. Tall, quiet and easy going. 8/10 Second shoot, turned up an hour late in her own town! Wanted full pay so was told to leave - 0/10

72.  Ashleigh Embers - Fake boobs and very athletic body. Strong face and good matter of fact energy. 8/10

73.  Lucy Love - Brighton based model. Quiet and nervy but very photogenic face. 7/10

74.  Bunny - Midlands based mixed race. Very photogenic face, BBW body. Very quiet by compliant nature. 7/10

75.  Kandi Kaylaa - Didn't shoot. Very poor references. 0/10

76.  Kiki Minaj - Good energy, body and face. Photogenic and gymnastic! 8/10

76.  Tina Kay - AKA Tina Poo. Scat model with a shitty attitude to match. Not shot 0/10

77.  Delilah Dash - Nice girl but no skills and personality of a cauliflower 4/10

78.  Chloe Toy - Experienced, but underrated model, fair attitude and extremely photogenic. 8/10

79.  Cherry Doll - Inexperienced, but intense sexual energy, few limits, lolita looks. 8/10

80.  Chessie Kay - Young but very professional, good tits, lips and eyes. 8/10

81.  Elle Roe - BBW model, great eyes, very professional and positive attitude. 7/10

82.  Angel Wicky - Czech curvy model, bubbly energy, good English. 7/10

83.  Nina Carter - Very photogenic, poor communication skills. But worth it. 8/10

84.  Aruba - Plump, photogenic, but professional. 6/10

85.  Brooke Little - Didn't research our website, so walked off set after one scene! Unprofessional. More muppet than model. 0/10

86.  Emily Joyce - AKA Miss Teri. Canceled twice, once because of bicycle flat tire. Second at 3am day of shoot. 0/10

87.  Bonnie Bellotti - Arrived at location early with great makeup. Extremely photogenic. Great attitude. Sweet girl. 9/10

88.  Chessie Kay - Second shoot. Her house in Brighton. Bigger lips and bigger boobs. Great makeup and attitude. 8/10

89.  Harmony Reigns - She canceled an hour before shoot. The age old 'my period just started' excuse. #Periodmyarse! -1/10

90.  Harmony Reigns 2 - She canceled night before shoot. Couldn't get from Birmingham to London. #Jokeofamodel! - 0/10

91.  Tomoko - Mixed race pretty Japanese. Fetish model but has some odd restrictions - 6/10

92.  Sophia Delane - Great face. Great twerky rump. Professional, great energy - 8/10

93.  Sammy Elizabeth - Many tattooed MILF, fake boobs. Anxious looking but positive energy - 7/10


1.  Don Nascar - BG x 2. Lots of stamina and focus. Good verbal. 8/10

2.  Jay - Mature, very tall scene submissive. Good verbal. 7/10

3.  Bjorn Horn - Dutch but English speaking scene submissive. 7/10

4.  Owen G - Very short, muscular black model with great diversity and stamina. 9/10

5.  Nobby - Tall with slim build, good screen presence, well endowed 8/9 inches and good verbal. 8/10

6.  Will Daley - Extremely, really old but came up with the goods twice! Gentleman. 8/10

More reviews upon request. For professional producers who 'share'.

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